“Thunderstone” in the Six WorldsAnthology.

A determined Viking and a determined interplanetary operative discover an ancient artifact in a world where legendary magic and advanced science converge.




In “Mojo Economy” a young boy and an old man struggle to find their places in the transition to a post-scarcity, post-money society. You can find Mojo Economy in Compelling Science Fiction, Issue 12.






The Science of Alchemy on

A physics grad student discovers a second solution to the equations for entropy. He studies old alchemy texts for evidence of an alternate way of understanding the world and finds more than he bargained for.

Adventures in SciFi Publishing 318 — Paradise ICON Reading Part 1

My first appearance on a podcast. I read a “nearly final” draft of the opening of a novel in progress.

“Brent decides to bring his own brand of anthology work by featuring the talents of the Paradise ICON group of 2015 during their reading. Part 1 of the reading (begins at 41:30) features authors Ransom Noble, Christopher Cornell, Stephanie Vance, and Jim Meeks-Johnson. We’ll share Part 2 in episode 319.”


By-the-Numbers-pic.png-coverBy the Numbers on

(2015) My first published science fiction story is available on Aurora Wolf. I originally wrote this as backstory for the novel I’m working on, but this watershed event in our future history wanted to stand on its own. An earlier version earned an honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest, then I spruced it up a little with writing techniques from the Taos Toolbox workshop.


Kiss ChroniclesIronically, my first publication is not science fiction at all. It MAY not even be fiction. You can read my cameo First Kiss story in Virginia M. Sanders Kiss Chronicles, written to help raise money to fight cancer.

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